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What's Inside Your Workshop Curriculum?

Unlock the potential of international trade with a comprehensive overview of export-import opportunities. Explore lucrative global markets and elevate your business to new heights.

Discover global trade prospects and explore a diverse range of export/import opportunities. From commodities to technology, unlock endless business potentials.

Gain deep market insights by focusing on specific products and countries. Explore top importing and exporting nations for a strategic edge in global trade.

Resolve your import-export business uncertainties with tailored industry solutions. Get expert guidance aligned with your specific industry needs for seamless trade operations.

Discover fresh strategies and templates to attract buyers and ensure business success. Elevate your market reach with innovative approaches tailored for growth.

Master the art of selecting high ROI markets and maximizing business returns. Unlock strategies for strategic market selection to optimize your business's profitability

Entrepreneur Institute of Foreign Trade

Entrepreneur Institute of Foreign Trade (EIFT) is Pune’s premier institute dedicated to training entrepreneurs in the import-export sector. Established in 2018 and backed by accreditation from the Government of India’s DGFT, MSME, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, we offer practical, hands-on programs focused on real-world experiences rather than just theory. Our experienced management team, with over 15 years of expertise, leads training sessions in logistics, market research, buyer engagement, and more. We are committed to fostering a community of intellectually curious and globally minded individuals, providing continuous support, consultancy services, and networking opportunities. Join EIFT today to kickstart your journey into the dynamic world of international trade.

Video Testimonials

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Mukta Shelke

Student - Mumbai

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Swapnil Desai

Student - Kohapur

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Aruna Chohan

Student - Nashik

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Sachin Kharat

Student - Jalna

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Ashwini Fulsundar

Student - Pune

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Rahul Dhodapkar

Student - Pune

What Our Participants Says?

"Exceptional training at EIFT! Expert guidance helped me excel in international trade. Highly recommended."

Ravindra Bhaisade - Pune

"EIFT delivers top-notch education in export-import. Their practical approach ensures real-world success. Impressed!"

Shreya Kadu

"Outstanding support from EIFT team! Valuable insights into global markets boosted my business. Truly grateful."

Ganesh Shinde - Pune

"EIFT exceeded my expectations! Comprehensive training and ongoing support for export-import ventures. A game-changer!"

Swati Barate

"EIFT is the ultimate destination for export-import training. Insightful sessions and industry expertise make it unparalleled."

Sanjeev More - Mumbai

"EIFT transformed my export-import journey! Insightful training, hands-on experiences, and lifelong support. Couldn't ask for more!"

Vaishali Jadhav

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